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Hayman Island is one of the most famous luxury resorts in the world. 

Located in Queensland Australia, Hayman Island is on of the many islands of the Whitsundays. Filled with astonishing natural beauty, endless shades of blues exceptionally white sands, the Whitsundays is home to biggest corals of the world

There are endless opportunities to delight the senses in a place where the beauty of nature is abundant each day. Hayman island  is a unique destination set in one of the seven wonders of the natural world – Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, Hayman island resort was for a long time under the management of The One and Only hotels group.


We stayed for 5 nights in the DVF suite, a king of a penthouse suite that was created by the designer Diane Von Festernburg hence the name DVF suite. It was simply amazing!

The DVF Suite

I am sure it is the most fashionable suite ever. The two-bedroom penthouse is decorated with attractive designed furniture pieces, all upholstered in DVF signature textures and fabrics Diane creates masterpieces  that blend vibrant colours and textures with the landscapes seen throughout the island. 


The DVF Suite




There are pieces of artwork as well and these were taken by the designer on her travels around the world and are part of her personal collection. 


The balcony gave us a chance to view the Great Barrier Reef and Hayman Beach in the mornings during sunsets , however the highlight would be sleeping under the starts. 


The best part was, finding al the Aqua Di Parma products in the bathrooms, as it is one of my favourite toiletry products , also nevertheless I love smelling the Aqua Di Parma perfumes on men !

I love Acqua Di Parma products

The master bathroom had a freestanding stone bathtub. This bathroom must have been designed such that guests experience total relaxation of the mind. It was amazingly refreshing. Although I personally would not forget it as I cried hours there when my heart knew my father had passed away sadly.


The master bedroom features four American Oak bed frame with padded fabric bedhead. The DVF Penthouse is very huge and spacious; it can accommodate up to four adults and comes with full butler service, all meals, and various other special amenities.

Our Buttler was the amazing Maria, who had secretly helped me organise a picnic hamper with gluten free sandwiches (as Zaki is gluten intolerant ) , champagne, home made Choclate’s to celebrate our anniversary on the whitest sand in the world, Whitehaven Beach.

One of our highlights was the helicopter ride we did. If you are looking for the ultimate Island experience, this is your choice. This will not only show you everything from the Island and offshore experience, but you’ll also feel the rush of low level flight on the first lap before climbing to 2,000ft to enjoy a beautiful view of the islands 

We also got a chance to see one of the most remarkable natural gifts, the Great Barrier Reef. It is blessed with the breathtaking beauty of the world’s largest coral reef. The reef contains a lot of marine life. Because of its natural beauty, the Great Barrier Reef has become one of the world’s most sought after tourist destinations. There were so many activities to do including snorkeling.



I must say snorkeling by the reef was the best experience for me. The water was warm and the surrounding underwater scenery cannot be found anywhere else on the planet. Not only is the Great Barrier Reef one of the world’s most beautiful and famous coral reefs, it is also among the most accessible on Earth. The diving and snorkeling was out of this world. It has a lot of diverse sea life and you get to see some interesting fish and coral with beautiful bright colours. It was an unforgettable experience! Truly, One of a kind the reef is filled with  diverse marine life including humpback whales, dolphins, turtles and dugongs.

You can even see marine wildlife like turtles and stingray while snorkeling off the beach at the shores!

There is a top-notch spa in Hayman Island. This luxury day spa is recognized as a premier spa and has exclusive selection of beauty and wellbeing treatments. There are 13 separate treatment rooms including a wet treatment room, garden view therapy room, relaxation lounges, medication suite, hydrotherapy area, saunas, steam rooms and a state-of-the-art hair salon with makeup. But the best part is the spacious gym which I loved every Minuit I worked out at it!

Nevertheless the french paediatric, who fixed my feet and toes, was a perfectionist in every way and, I am forever grateful for the treatment he gave me .


If you have kids, then Hayman Island is also a place you can enjoy some family time at.There is a kids club with a wide range of games, activities, arts and crafts, dancing and yoga.

Finally The food was amazing especially at the Italian restaurant! There were a couple of restaurants available but there were open in rotation. You will find that there were not open on the same time. Never the less we enjoyed our meals. The ingredients were top quality and you could tell the chefs took their time preparing the dishes. 


This was a beautiful experience and the most beautiful anniversary ever, even with the sad news coming to while at Hayman island, however I can defiantly  promise you , I will go again and again and again 🙂 Did I mention my new Friends the Swans and The Perrots?



Written by: Nour Issa

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