About Nour

Nour Issa is the founder of “Beats of the Heels” a blog and online platform which comes as result of her fast-growing Instagram account and a hectic lifestyle living at two ends of the globe.

Between Australia and the Middle East, Nour calls Dubai and Sydney Home. Her love for fashion, beauty, jewelry and travel makes her life somehow exciting.

As a former Editor in Chief of a successful luxury lifestyle magazine for many years, Nour decided that it was time to create a similar platform and put to use her passion.

Through her past career, Nour was fortunate enough to experience firsthand art and creativity of the fashion industry. Traveling the world with her partner Zaki, she was lucky to have visited luxurious resorts and beautiful destinations around the world.

Not just a blogger, Nour is a high-end jewelry designer and is soon launching her swimwear collection. She’s a fun loving and ambitious where her playful approach to life is documented on the blog. Her honest approach and obsession with beauty has resulted in creating many fascinating products and managed to score big exciting collaborations.

Nour is sincere to her readers and she refuses to show them any brands she personally does not believe in. Beats of the Heels present everything and anything Nour likes and loves such as restaurants, cities, trends, beauty, makeup and most importantly the love of the beach the sun sunshine.

The blog is also followed by a vlog (you tube channel) and of course an Instagram account to support it.

Last but not least, don’t forget to visit our online store for products that Nour has created or brands she has collaborated with.