Girls just want to be girls.

Exquisite and constant rejuvenation are the most inexorable deals as we amble towards the luxurious yet modern amenities of The Heavenly Spa at The Westin Dubai Al Habtoor City.


Whilst you don’t need to drive for miles to get into a paradise brimming tranquility and deep relaxation, who would have thought that in the hustle and bustle of city life there was a calming spa in the central part of Downtown Dubai, with an astonishing view of the ever renowned Burj Khalifa, waiting for you to explore. A calming escape where an alluring aroma encourages arriving guests to pamper and rejuvenate themselves to an invigorating massages and inspiring melodies.



Upon arrival I was given refreshments, hand towels and a posh robe. All the staff was beyond hospitable and professional. They thoroughly explained from the entire spa treatments to their special offers, even the scents of the oil we will be using – what it incorporates and its benefits. I personally felt comfortable as the Heavenly Spa gave me the perfect scheme of an absolute bliss and nightcation combined. Yes, it is indeed a nightcation because as we all know, Tuesday night is a ladies night everywhere in Dubai. A perfect mid-week treat for you to de-stress with your girlfriends, that you don’t need to wait for weekends to come and drive miles away.


The perfect pathway to be in harmony with your body as you indulge into a deep relaxation as the mini massage incorporates pleasure over pressure using the hands and a hot press. In addition, the lavish Heavenly Spa is also in partners with the magnificent beauty brand, Farm House Fresh with their award winning – nature inspired signature ingredients accordingly perfect for your skin, this includes avocado, cucumber and ginger sorbet, it also has a complimentary access for you to indulge with your Fitness goals towards their state of the art Fitness gym opens at 6am to 10pm daily for external guests, nonetheless for hotel guests it is ready 24/7 but wait there’s more! If you want to get relaxed with their ultimately unique rooftop swimming pools, it is open between 7am to 9pm every day. If you want to include your family and kids, the Westin Family Kids club is available for you every 9am to 9pm. “Awaken your senses, for a better you.”




After the ladies night, I relish a delightful selection of snacks and a warm tea to wrap up the evening at the relaxation lounge and drive my way home with special goodie bag and a smile.


Overall, it was indeed a refreshing and rewarding experience to visit The Heavenly Spa by Westin Dubai Al Habtoor, that I can highly recommend to people in all generation to unwind and enjoy by not driving away from the city.


Pamper your self more with these additional information:



(Swedish massage)

Benefits: This leaves you feeling physically rested and mentally uplifted.

Duration: 50 or 80 minutes

Rate: 425/ 625 Dirhams



Warming deep tissue body massage.

Choose from: Plum Chiffon or Marshmallow Nourishing Shea Butter Melt.

Duration: 50 or 80 minutes

Rate: 435/ 635 Dirhams



Benefits: Helps to release tension and encourage blood flow and flexibility.

Perks: Traditional Thai Massage Attire will be provided.

Duration: 50 or 80 minutes

Rate: 435/ 635 Dirhams



Benefits: Clearing stagnant energy using warm oils. Stimulates your vital energy.

Perks: This treatment is rhythmic and relaxing.

Duration: 50 or 80 minutes

Rate: 445/ 645 Dirhams



Benefits: Relieving muscle aches, joint pain and also reduces swelling.

Duration: 50 minutes

Rate: 445 Dirhams





Perks: Choose from any other the Heavenly Spa massage selections to customize your experience.

Duration: 50 or 80 minutes

Rate: 925 or 1,325 dirhams



Disclaimer: All the rates and description are based on The Heavenly Spa Menu provided on November 2017 for travel/leisure purposes.



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