Playful Mood

Written by: Nour Issa

I’am regularly stopped by strangers and asked about my playsuits everywhere I went, as well as I have always received tones of messages every time I posted on any of my social media, pictures, wearing any her gorgeous designs.

Alice McCall is, one of the most talented and popular designers in Australia. This Angel’s Label “Alice McCall” was launched 13 years ago in 2004 to be exact. The London-born Aussie quotes her designer mom as her source of inspiration and have since designed clothes for every woman taste, she dressed celebrities and conquered the Planet with her mini playsuits.


After launching her first collection at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia for the first time, the brand began building an online customer base with the introduction of their online boutique and is now it stocked in 160 stores in 10 countries world-wide, including Europe, Asia and America.

Alice Started her career young as she went to London to Study quickly she began dressing people as a stylist and at that time she started creating some tops and dresses through a London stores.

McCall’s first collection was for high-end streetwear label Buddhist Punk, who approached her to design their women’s collection, which was a hit. A year later she launched the Alice McCall label. The collection was a well-earned and deserved overnight success.

I am someone who loves wearing short micro short outfits however Alice knew how to win every woman’s heart. Her dresses go from quite conservative yet hot with lacy floral style. Alice McCall style is filled with French lace, playful and colorful patterns with a very pretty Lady feel.

She once said in an interview that “style is more about a combination of instinct, self-expression, taste and finding the perfect balance of these components.”


 Her upcoming Spring/Summer collection, again, caught my attention and it is a collection, (even if Australia happens to have opposite seasons), women all over the world  is able to wear them with a jacket and the trendy Sock Boots. this collection is going to be her biggest sale.

You can expect lots of sheer mixing fabrics, wide leg jumpsuits and, of course, lots of lace. Her collections have so much life and light. floral, whimsical prints add the happy effect.

Her playsuits, are always a representation of my character my love to happy feelings, fun colours, and my always girly playful mood.

I am Already Online Picking my outfits for this season I will be adding links bellow to where you can shop your outfits. Alice McCall is sold on Revolve, Ounass, Shopbob and many more.






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