Preaching Clean Eating at Preach Cafe







“To Eat Is Human – To Eat Well is Divine” – says the lit board at the cosy little Preach Cafe, and I couldn’t agree more!

When in Bondi beach, I always prefer to have my breakfast at the Preach Cafe – A small place with a simple yet contemporary interior famous for their breakfast.  Since I exercise on an empty stomach and just black coffee, I have to have a healthy breakfast soon after.

I stumbled across this smart Cafe a few years back on my way from Bondi to Coogee walk. As you walk in, you can see a simplistically decorated area with black and brown furniture and minimalistic wall decor with just mirrors and lamps. The wooden panelled walls compliment the wrought iron decor very much. With the upbeat music to compliment the ambiance, the menu is as refreshing as the feel of the Preach Cafe.




The Hearty Meals Served at the Preach – Worth the Visit

The best thing about this cafe is the fact that I simply love every meal on the menu. You can a good deal of vegan choices for vegetarians here, as well as, the traditional breakfast items. The “Bowl” breakfast choices are the best of all.  Highly Nutritious and filling – these breakfast bowls also serve eggs with veggies as well as fruits for the guests. Then there are salad bowls with fish and rice being a part of the recipe to round it off nicely. The taste is refreshing and pure while the plates come well decorated – a feast for the eyes and equally mouth watering.



Staying Hydrated Starts With Breakfast

I start my day with black coffee but I am very much concerned about staying hydrated throughout the day. This practice not only improves your skin but also maintains your glow throughout the years. Preach cafe offers a wide range of choices in this regards as well. If you are like me, then you can go with their coffee menu, which is Pablo & Rusty’s. Served hot with a smile, it will help you start your day with all the goodness of the coffee!  If you prefer tea, then there is a choice of Black tea i.e. Strictly English and Earl Grey.  You can also intoxicate with the green tea made from silver jasmine. And then, there is the Herbal tea infused with peppermint, lemongrass, chamomile and ginger for a refreshing day’s start.

I like the fact that they also offer fresh fruit Cold Press juices.  However, the best of all to have while at the Bondi beach is of course the fresh coconut served at an affordable charge, giving you the taste of the beach.


People who come in usually prefer to have smoothies with their meals at the Preach Cafe as far as I have noticed.  From Vegan berry that is made with the coconut water and mixed berries, to the Salted Caramel made from Almond milk, the smoothies are rich in taste with every ingredient complimenting the other and enhancing the flavour altogether.

An interesting addition to the menu is the Detox Green and Beauty Glow Smoothies that attract anyone who is into skin care.  Made exclusively with Coconut drinks, these two are high in protein and perfect to add to your daily diet plans.

I usually prefer to order the Preach Breakfast, which has Avocados, eggs, grilled tomatoes, beef rashers, some fruits and sourdough toasts. To go with that I have organic juices either green or orange; and sometimes coffee as well.

If you are in Bondi beach and are looking for a hearty meal in a reasonable budget and an upbeat environment, then Preach Cafe is the place to be!



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