Seventh Heaven

Shangri-La’s Hambantota Golf Resort & Spa

Written by Nour Issa.

One place in the world that I can literally call heaven on earth, is the luxurious Shangri-La’s Hambantota Golf Resort & Spa, which is located in the beautiful country of Sri Lanka.  The hotel is enormous and is the largest resort in Sri Lanka with 300 spacious rooms, including 21 suites; all of which are surrounded by stunning tropical gardens.  The magnificent Golf Resort & Spa is the first of its kind in Sri Lanka to have its own golf course, in addition to: a day spa with 12 treatment rooms, a dive centre, health centre, children’s club, freeform and lap pools, and a cultural village where guests can meet local artisans and buy their wares.

The room that we enjoyed during our stay, gave us uninterrupted views of the garden and the ocean from our balcony; which was exceptionally captivating while taking in the beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Interiors had a luxurious touch and an “at one with the beach” feel, with an injection of blue and white tones, throughout the suite.  The colors were neutral, which is typical of Sri Lankan design features, including timber floors, complimented by teak and rattan furniture.  There were plush robes, a zillion thread-count sheets, big bathtubs, extra-large towels, pillow menus and state-of-the-art technology to indulge in.  

The resort had a wide variety of dining options for us to explore; one in particular that stood out to me, was Bojunhala restaurant.  We feasted on endless buffets of local cuisine, as well as dishes inspired by other Asian influences, and even an Arabian dish or two! They were all absolutely delicious! In addition, Gimanhala and Ulpatha provided a fine selection of refreshments for us, throughout the day.


I love pampering my body, to both look and feel good.  To my add to my excitement, the gorgeous resort had a state of the art spa for me to relax, unwind and experience ultimate zen! Shangri-La’s Hambantota Spa is a place of personal peace and well-being, that features exceptional Chinese and ayurvedic treatments. Everyone knows the benefits of Chinese treatments, so you can bet I left feeling like I was born again!  The spa offers traditional and authentic Ayurveda treatments using unchanged remedies and therapies, handed down through generations.  The gym at the resort is spacious and extremely advanced, that includes every possible machine needed, for different types of workouts.  Alternatively, they have their own in-house personal trainers who are ready to work with you daily, on special tailor-made plans during your stay. 




Unfortunately guests cannot swim in the sea; and although this could sway some guests’ opinions on the resort, in my personal opinion, it is only a minor drawback that is easily made up for, with three outstanding swimming pools.  The main pool has waterfalls, where you can find yourself mingling and making friends, as they have on-going activities every 4 hours.  Activities organised by the resort include different yoga classes and more, plus a variety of activities for children in the children’s playground.  If you want to learn how to play golf, then the 18-hole course set amid a vast coconut palm plantation, within the resort is the place for you! 

Sri Lanka, as a country is beautiful in so many ways and so too are it’s people.  From its culture dating back more than two thousand years, to its natural greenery and multicolored tropical horizons, that amaze me with every single trip.  No doubt these are only a few reasons why the country is the fastest-growing travel destination in the Indian Ocean, and rightly so! Experience it for yourself; experience your own heaven on earth.  

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