The Finest Freeze

The idea of freezing up your body to a certain temperature sounded scary at first. However, once I tried it, I have never stoped it. Cryotherapy in simple terms is the process of using cold temperatures for their health benefits. From way back this method was also used for numbing pain but recent innovation now allows for whole body cryotherapy using liquid nitrogen.

I do my sessions once or twice a week, by Jumeirah Emirates Towers while I am in Dubai. The benefits are endless especially if you work out. It helps make the metabolism to be faster. It also increased my energy levels. I noticed I get an energy boost immediately after I do it. That was pretty fast and very impressive. I am yet to find a place in Australia that makes me feel the same.

It also relaxes the muscles an it work as a substitute to a massage. It also works as a preventive measure. If u are hitching somewhere and when you are about to do something that will strain your muscles, cryotherapy is your best bet. Countering the problem before it appears!

Inflammation reduction is another benefit often associated with this cold therapy. Once I had a painful bruise and it got swollen, I used a cold bag of ice on the area trying to relief my pain. In no time, the inflammation had reduced significantly. Probably all of us have used cold therapy for inflammation on an injury at some point in our lives and basically this is what Cryo is all about.

My skin has been getting a real good tightening after trying this cold therapy. Most of us who are in to make up I’m sure we have come across this hack that says for reducing pore size u put a bag of ice on your face. In addition, we all know skin with smaller pores appears more smooth and firm. At Cryo Dubai you can find Croy facials a treatment I actually recommend once a week.

Before I tried it, I thought I would never be able to handle -150 degrees for 3 min. Stepping into a sub-zero chamber might take the body time adjusting to it. For a therapy such as Cryo, I would advise you to have a trained technician run it for you. This therapy is done for a very short  time however I personally could not do more than two minutes my first time however now Cryo has become part of my weekly routines.

If you need to try it it, here is the address:


Cryo Emirates Towers

The Boulevard 5678

Jumeira Emirates Towers


Phone 04 351 8300


Written by: Nour Issa

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