Today was EMS- ing Day

If you did not know,  if there is an even more effective way of training? than the conventional gym training, then stick around. This post is for you.  Electric muscle stimulation is the contraction of muscles using electric impulses.


I have done it for 3 years and will be incorporating it in my training sessions for ever ( well not if I am pregnant ).


There are muscle stimulators sold for individuals where you can use at the comfort of your own home but I always prefer having my session by the gym under the instruction of the trainer. For those of you who would want to try it at home please make sure you read and understand everything about it  before using your stimulators, the stimulators are more effective with a trainer by your side.


Electric muscle stimulation is great in that it acts as a strength training tool, building muscle, leaning your body, and it also aids in the loss of weight. I also noticed massive improvement in the texture of my skin after a few weeks. It was glowy and looked amazingly toned. It’s also great for cellulite reduction. You can finally say goodbye to the humps and bumps.


The most common questions that usually pop up from some of my friends who haven’t tried it are, aren’t you scared? Is it not dangerous? Are there any side effects? The simple and short answer is NO. This kind of training uses low frequency current stimulation. Our muscles work constantly naturally, and during the stimulation, the pulse is simple fortified by the additional pulse from outside and therefore the additional pulse does not seem foreign to the body. There are absolutely no negative side effects, so just take a chance for yours try it and enjoy the body transformation.


It’s also important to make electric muscle stimulation a regular routine in your lifestyle. Just like with conventional training, in-order to enjoy its lasting benefits you need to maintain training regularly. So, make it a part of your life and it will surely change your life.


Electric muscle Stimulation can also be used medically. It has been proven that it significantly reduces back pain, unintentional urination, physical sensation and stress. So, give a shout to someone who might be in need of such a regime and help save a life!


I’m in this for the long haul. It’s now part of my many workout routines and I totally love it.



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